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I consider myself a ‘Pictorialist’— a journalistic image-maker. Publishing my monographs and producing Pictorial Arts Journal publications has brought a lot of my interests together in neat little packages.


         “There was always something exciting in the workshop of Leonardo.

          (They) not only learned to paint there, but they learned to think and

          inquire and investigate the universe.”  

                                                                  –1930's My Book House


Without consciously adhering to that ‘credo’, my family’s work studio somewhat follows suit – brimming with projects; sketches and paintings pinned and mounted everywhere; mannequins with ever-changing costumes; studio props; camera equipment; books everywhere, but above all – the aura of problem-solving and research into the mysteries of the universe.


Many of our projects are interpretive graphics, creating the welcome need

to study and understand the subjects that they explain visually. Over the years, I and my partner have developed illustrations, exhibits and murals about Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec, Native American and other cultures; prehistoric animals and dinosaurs; current ecosystems; historical persons and events; space exploration and modern explorations; various  branches of science; children’s books and exhibits; an up-to-date graphic portrayal of the origins and evolution of our planet earth and other encyclopedic adventures. My illustrations have been used in national advertising campaigns and I have paintings displayed worldwide in hotels, corporations and private residences.


Originally trained as an Army combat artist, I have over 40 years experience as an illustrator and design professional. Nearly every imaginable subject has crossed my drawing table, but people images are my specialty. My love for drawing people led me to create tribute portraits for the Denver International Film Festival for 30 years, and lately to publishing my books.


—Thomas Haller Buchanan

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