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Original Artwork Available
my solo show is here

February 1, 2019

As an illustrator, my artwork is most often created to be used in printed material, but some of it now is looking to be seen in a frame on a wall. 


I don’t often offer my original art for sale, but I’m delighted to have 99 original art pieces in a one-person show called ‘Mystique’—

a theme that resonates with the quality that I look for in much of

my subject matter.

The concept of ‘mystique’ goes far beyond words. It is a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power. The show begins to explore that elusive quality found in the beauty and character of many people— whether in reality or imagination.


The show can be seen at IX Gallery, a virtual online gallery that is the premier site of “Contemporary Imaginative Realism”. Check it out from February 1 to the 28th at

High in the Sky with Spectrum 25

December 31, 2018

As an illustrator, my recognition profile tends to be low—near the horizon—working behind-the-scenes much of the time, creating concept drawings for projects-in-planning, artwork for educational panels seen in museums and visitor centers, and lots of work for private commissions.


However, this year I was honored to have four of my jury-selected art pieces accepted and printed in Spectrum 25, the annual book publication showcasing“The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.” You can get more information about this beautiful book at


This is a high-profile event for me — high in a starry sky — my work residing amongst a STELLAR constellation of today’s great illustrators’ fantasy works.


As well, I’m currently finishing artwork for a one-person online show at IXGallery that opens February 1. More information on that as it gets closer.

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