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Online Publications

As time permits, I will continue to publish what and where I can. These are examples of my current formats that I hope to develop further:



Pictorial Arts Journal is an online publication that celebrates the pictorial arts in its many forms — illustration, photography, typography and graphic design — and the marriage of these with the written word. The prototype issue, Spirit of the Renaissance, contains a lot of my own artwork and photography, but collaboration is my true intent. I would like to draw from the enormous pool of creative people in the world who would like to share and contribute their talent in thematic pictorial essays or interesting articles about the best of the arts & sciences — past and present. I will also promote other sites, blogs and zines that feature the pictorial, creative and imaginative arts.



Delineated Life is a publication 'imprint' of Pictorial Arts Journal, which will be published intermittently. Its purpose is to showcase one artist and her or his work per issue. Sometimes it will be a classic master from long ago, and sometimes a brilliant contemporary artist. The first issue of Delineated Life was dedicated to the cartoon mastery of Walt (Pogo) Kelly, and tied in with his 100th birthday (even though he left us over 40 years ago). 

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