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& Prints

Two 96-page monographs

of my recent artwork, beautifully archived in permanent editions, have been published in limited printing runs.


Also, I'm offering a series of 

collectable prints, the first calledDangerous Women and the 

second entitled Mystique.

Solo Show Announced

September 1, 2018

Mystique, a solo show featuring my original art will be on the IX Gallery site from February 1-28, 2019.  IX Gallery is the first online-only gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary imaginative realism. 


The prints and folio featured this month on my shop are the first in a series showcasing Mystique. These are quality prints of some of the original drawings and paintings of people and fantasies that will be featured in the show. 


As well, I’m working on a book of art entitled Mystique—An Artist’s Search for Beauty & Character.


The concept of ‘mystique’ goes far beyond words. It is a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power. These prints begin to explore that elusive quality found in the beauty and character of many people— whether in reality or imagination.

See Mystique prints in my shop

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