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"Thomas Haller Buchanan continues to mesmerize with his talent and technique! Enjoy!"

— Matthew T. S.

"A very personal thank you. I really enjoyed your book

. . . Your art is an inspiration and I hope everyone that sees this and will appreciate the labor of love you put into it and they will buy it. It is your love of art that shows in every stroke of pencil, pen and pastel. You sir are one very special kind human. I thank you every day

I look at it."  

— Rick B.


"What magnificent and sensitive artwork! You have a very sensitive hand, and eye, and mind."

—Laura B.

"I loved going through your beautiful work. I love the pieces you sold me so much! You are an incredible artist/businessman, and I know you will make a big splash into the massive public world. I hope that won’t spoil what kind of person you are, so down to earth, generous and kind."

—Scott B.

"Just wanted to let you know I received my book - it is beautiful, and the bookplate you did was awesome - thanks!"

—Corky L.

"Gracias estimado amigo, hace mucho que sigo tus trabajos, eres brillante! Un abrazo!"

(Thank you dear friend, I have been following your work for a long time, you are brilliant! A hug!)


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