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Smudges & Swirls

I never get bored around here, with something always popping up to grab my attention (in other words, I'm so easily distracted), but there are new projects coming up that I need to stay focused on, and they all have to do with making new artwork. I'm very grateful that I can do what I love to do, smudging and swirling pencils and charcoals and pastels—filling reams of paper with the results.

I want to get more of the smudges and swirls out into the world, and the new projects are aiming to do just that. I intend to be here on this blog more often, detailing the projects as they unfold.

In the meantime, I am slowly getting a grasp on the 21st century, having started an Instagram account, sharing smudges and swirls that yearn to be seen by people far and wide. I would love to have you follow me on Instagram, and I will likely want to follow you as well.

My Instagram handle is thb.illustration.portraits and this preliminary drawing of my favorite subject is the sort of thing that I am posting there.


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